How To Create An Ebook

 How to be an eBook Author:

 If you have a book idea in mind, you can write your own eBook and get it published on online platforms like Amazon and other eBook selling platforms.

How do I become an eBook writer
How do I become an eBook writer

How To Create An Ebook 


1. Set eBook goals 

2. Decide on topic

3  Headline of eBook

4  Writing your eBook

5  Your eBook design how to market


How To Make Ebook Formatting

Keep it Simple and to the Point Simplicity is the key. The more simple it feels the more engagement it gets within your audience.

Responsiveness Make sure your eBook is responsive to every e-reader and device people are using. The responsiveness of your eBook builds good impression in the mind of the reader.

Use Word to format your eBook the word file is still the best option to write and format your ebook. Word file gives the best formatting options which are suitable for responsiveness of your ebook.

Format Chapter titles and Body Chapter titles will form your TOC(table of contents). Always use Heading style for your titles and body as Centre Aligned and justified, make content more readable.

Add Front and Back Pages Front Pages Include: Title, Copyright and Dedication pages. Back Pages Include: "About the Author" Page, Bibliography or References Page.

Use Line Indents and not Tab & Spaces Always use Line Indents over tab and space-bar for formatting your eBook since most e-readers ignore tab and space-bar strokes.

Use Page Breaks before every new page Instead of using Tab and Space-bar use page breaks before every new chapter in the new page.

Avoid headers, footnotes, page numbers Most e-readers create these by themselves and if you make your own that might not match with what e-readers create which might be confusing. Images Use less but sufficient images. Keep your eBook as light and responsive as possible.

Best Free eBook Creator Software

·         CalibreeBook Management

·         Mobipocket eBook Creator

·         MS Word to EPUB Converter

·         Sigil eBook

·         Scribus

·         Exe-eBook Creator

·         SCRIBA eBook Maker

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