How to Become a Digital Nomad at Any Age: Digital Nomad Masterclass, Book 1

 How to Become a Digital Nomad at Any Age: Digital Nomad Masterclass, Book 1 

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his audiobook is divided into three sections:

  • Section One - The Digital Nomad

We explore how, and why, being a digital nomad is a different type of lifestyle than being a tourist. In addition, we examine different ways to satisfy your dreams of travel, regardless of your age.

There are many challenges to living a nomadic lifestyle, even for only short periods of time. We talk about dealing with different cultures, languages, customs, and also practical considerations like electrical standards, SIM cards, and metric versus Imperial measurements.

We cover drugs (prescription and recreational), local transportation, sexual orientation, and numerous other subjects you need to think about before beginning your adventures in foreign lands.

Although many of the subjects covered are also applicable to expats looking to move permanently to another country, we don’t cover things like obtaining a second passports or tax considerations.

  • Section Two - Pet/House Sitting

This is a practical look at how a digital nomad can include pet and house sitting in your lifestyle to help the high cost of accommodations. If you love pets, this is certainly something to consider. We show you where to find “sits”, how to apply for them, and what is expected of you when you are accepted for the assignment. All aspects of this fast-growing lifestyle are detailed, so you can decide whether or not it’s a good fit for you.

  • Section Three - The Digital Part

This section is an introduction to online marketing. The goal here is to demystify the idea of making money online in order to earn enough income while enjoying your nomadic lifestyle. Our emphasis is on making enough money to enjoy the lifestyle, not on making millions as an Internet entrepreneur.

Throughout the audiobook, we provide many resources that provide even more information.

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